Book your Event

Step one is to book your event! Take a look at your calendar and let us know when you would like to have it! Once you pick a date use this form to let us know, and someone will be in touch! Already been in touch with an artist? Just select their name when booking.

Book Here

Invite your guests

The more the merrier! A good rule of thumb is to invite 3 times as many people as you want to be there. Remember, you earn credit based on how many signs your guests order! $40 in credit for 5 signs, $80 for 10 signs ordered!

Prepare for the event

Since you earn free signs, we ask that you provide snacks and drinks. You know what your guests like better than we do anyways! Make sure there is enough work space for all the guests, talk to your artist to see if they can help by bringing a table if needed*. We bring everything else needed, and clean up the crafting mess before we go!

*not all artists can provide tables.